2016 was an unusual season on the UTFA waters as anglers had less water available to fish than in previous years. Whilst some missed their favourite spots, others enjoyed the challenge of seeking out new spots and exploring parts of the fishery that probably haven’t seen an angler for several years.

The other key feature of this season was the lack of rain across the whole of Devon. Spates were few and far between and when the rain did arrive the river rose and fell away all too briefly. This had a big effect on the Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown trout fishing as even though the fish were there, they could be difficult to tempt at times.

As a result, the catch of Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout was down on previous years.

Mark Hill had the only Salmon (returned) with a fish of 9lb caught on a spinner during June. 

The Total catch of Sea Trout was 44 for the season, out of which 20 were returned.  Matt Cooper had the most fish with a total of 14 (of which 13 were returned).  Matt also had the best Sea Trout with a fish just under 5lb.  

The season tally of Brown Trout was 229.  Richard Jackson wins the prize for the biggest Brown Trout with a fish of 13", and Chip Davies had the best bag with 37 fish for the season.