For the Fishing Reports page to be effective we really need details of your catches. Please send these to and will endeavor to keep this page up to date for the benefit of members and visitors. It is always useful to have details of the location, the method used and the fly or lure that was successful.



On Tues 11th June at 10:50pm visiting angler Daniel Hannam caught a 17" Sea Troutat Drogo Weir Pool on a WMD (Pilkington) fly. This morning UTFA member Gary Clark thought that he might have caught his first Teign Salmon. This fine fish of 24" (see pictures below) took a Rapala at Upperton Weir Pool and certainly had a 'salmon look'about it but three of my local migratory fish specialists confirm that it was in fact a large Sea Trout. A fine fish and great to hear that it was carefully returned to fight another day. Well done Gary - that illusive first Teign Salmon is still out there.


Great to see a number of Sea Trout being caught over the last week. Russell Scott-Lawson caught a lovely fresh Sea Trout of 20" on the slabs at Upperton on the last day of May - caught on one of Richard Jacksons 'magic flies!' On Friday (24th May) Tom Meredith fishing on a guest ticket with his father Jonathan had a brilliant night at Upperton Weir with Tom catching two sea trout. One at 17.5'' (photo below) and another at 19''. Both were really beautiful fish in lovely condition. The first was caught on a 1" black tube and the other on a wake fly. Jonathan reports:- 'Although we hadn't intended staying too long, we ended up leaving as it was getting light. We had quite a few takes where we lost the fish, and as the temperature never fell too low we were encouraged by the loud sploshing of hefty fish all the way through the night.I'm looking forward to going again soon, and I'm sure Tom will be using another Guest Ticket as soon as he has the opportunity'.

I am delighted to report that packs of carefully selected River Teign Trout Flies are now available. Each pack contains 10 barbless flies chosen from the Turrell fly selection by successful UTFA anglers. At only £12.50 (including postage) the packs also make a great gift for anglers. For further information and to order packs contact our Chairman at or mail UTFA Chairman (Flies), Brynbella, Mill Street, Chagford, Devon TQ13 8HE.



I was delighted to receive an email update from Larry Laraman the day after my last entry. A tale of sea trout success on a beautiful evening followed by strange goings on!

'My wife read out to me this evening your May Day update on the UTFA website ref the belief that a Sea trout had been caught two weeks ago. Well, having not caught a Sea trout in 2017 nor 2018 and having read your earlier report the river was already down at summer level I decided to try my luck at Chagford on 11 May.

It was a terrific evening, the bluebells were out in abundance, the river was clear and flowing nicely following the rain we had up here in Somerset a day or so earlier. I don't usually come down until early July but in an attempt to stop the sequence of nil catches, down I came and was delighted to land a beautiful 21 inch long  Sea trout which I released back in to the river and it swam away nicely. I don't take photo's. When I got back to the car at 2230 feeling that life on the Upper Teign was wonderful, things then started to change. A very large white Thrifty van pulled up right alongside me whilst I was dismantling my rod and changing, followed by a second large Thrifty van struggling to get over the bridge from the Chagford side.  One man wearing a hat and dark clothing, had guided them over the narrow bridge then ran up and got in the front van saying hello to me as he got in. Two more smaller vehicles directly behind but to me were associated with the two Thrifty then came over the bridge and off they went.They seemed suspicious to me in the dark.  On leaving at approx 2245, I got over the bridge, by the letterbox, I was alarmed to find four horses (one white) roaming free and partaking of the hedgerows.  Fortunately they were not spooked by my vehicle and they continued to eat the offerings of the abundant Devon flora and fauna.  I remain confused as to what had caused them to be roaming free.  Was their freedom associated with the four suspicious vans?  If the vans had just come past the horses, would the man in beanie hat and dark clothing not have said to 'take care, there are horses loose just over the bridge' because he didn't.  It was all rather odd.  I relayed this saga worthy of Hercule Poirot to Simon on the 22nd May when we met on the bridge.  Sadly on the 22nd of May things were back to normal = no fish!  Most of the bluebells had gone; river level down but the Sea trout were jumping - just not the direction of my fly!

Many thanks Larry - congratulations on the fish and the mystery! Hope we see you again soon without the strange encounter. Perhaps a rain dance is needed - I am reliably informed that there are Sea Trout in the Lower Teign and Estuary.


Chatting with regular angler Brian Parry on Friday, he noted that Brown Trout fishing had really started to pick up in the last week. Graham Dance reported 6 Trout on 9th May on various large hackled dry flies. Visiting angler Paul Ackland caught 7 Brown Trout downstream of Fingle Bridge with the largest estimated at 1lb 4oz all caught on the nymph fishing New Zealand style - he commented 'a most enjoyable days angling'. I had a beautifully marked 13" Trout on a Griffiths Gnat in the Broadmoor Run area on Friday 24th May. Good to see a few mayflies about. Over the weekend I completed my Riverfly monitoring which revealed healthy numbers of Mayfly nymphs (see below), olives and stonefly nymphs. On the Sea Trout front we are suffering from low flows and cold nights. Richard Jackson reports four visits so far with no fish caught. It is believed that one sea trout was caught 2 weeks ago but we really need some rain to encourage a fresh run of fish. Please do send in your catch reports - with pictures if possible.


Still relatively quiet on the catch returns front as we approach some of the peak fishing for Brown Trout. Our Chairman Dave Scott caught a lovely 12" wild brown trout from a 'secret' pool on the far western reaches of our waters (see pic below) proving the point that it can be worth exploring some of our more remote water. There was an alarming report of possible tampering with the outfall at the Chagford sewage treatment works over the Easter weekend. While on this occasion the EA did not find evidence of pollution, it is worth reminding members and visiting anglers that anyone suspecting something being visibly discharged into the River should immediately ring the EA's 24 hr incident line on 0800 80 70 60. As anglers we play a vital role in keeping an eye out for anything unusual.

I look forward to your catch reports next month. Tight lines.


During an unseasonably warm period in late March, a visiting angler on a West Country Angling Passport day ticket reported catching 15 Brown Trout at Fingle Bridge with a number taken on the dry fly. Early April has been more typical with frost and cold winds keeping fly hatches to a minimum and Brown Trout responding only to nymphs or downstream wet fly tactics. Easter promises to bring warmer temperatures. It is worrying to see just how low water levels are currently - let's hope we are not in for another drought year. Please keep sending in your catch returns with details of flies used. Tight lines.




I am delighted to report that the first Sea Trout catch return has now been received. Congratulations to Paul Osborne who caught a beautiful fresh run Sea Trout on an orange tube fly just as it got dark on Saturday 23rd March. The fish came from Upperton Weir pool and measured 21" inches - weighing 3lb and 10oz. Hopefully this will be the first of many - well done Paul!




Dear members and guests.

Welcome to another season on the River Teign. Fingers crossed that this year will not bring a return of the prolonged drought we experienced in 2018. No early season salmon reports so far. Do please send in reports of your catches to ideally with a picture if you can do so easily without harming the fish.

At the time of writing it is still 5 days to go before the brown trout season starts. We have enjoyed 3 good volunteer bank clearing days and this year I can claim to have fallen into the river before the season even started! Perhaps a reminder for guests and members to take care when wading on the slippery boulders – a wading staff can really help avoiding a drenching.

Tight lines for the new season!

Bank Work 2019

Taken just before my dunking!

PS – We will have a small stand at the Roadford Fly Fair on Saturday 16th March. Do came and visit and ideally bring a friend who might be persuaded to join our club!

David West