Season: 15 March to 30 September

Almost all the sea trout caught in the Upper Teign Fishing Association water are caught during the hours of darkness, although fish are taken during the day when fishing for trout or salmon when the river is dropping from a spate. Please note that the only legal method for sea-trout within the national park is the artificial fly and that all sea-trout caught by any other method must be returned to the water as quickly as possible. Night fishing of any kind is restricted to the fly.

The Slabs at the top of Upperton Pool

The Slabs at the top of Upperton Pool

Early spates will bring the fish into the upper pools by May whereas in a dry year you might have to wait until June or even July to catch a fish in Chagford weir pool.

Suitable tackle for sea trout fishing would consist of a rod between 9ft and 9ft 6in in length for a 6 or 7 line with floating and intermediate lines being the general order of the day. A 9ft tapered leader with a tip strength of 7 lb would be suitable for a floating line, perhaps going shorter for an intermediate line.

Fly selection for sea trout fishing includes Alexandra, Stoats Tail, Badger & Orange, Silver Stoat, Teign Ghost, and Teal Blue & Silver. These can be tied on doubles or singles, sizes 6 through to 12, or the popular aluminium tubes ranging in sizes 3 in down to ½ in.

The pools available for ticket fishing include Fingle Weir Pool, Drogo Weir Pool, Dogsmarsh Weir Pool and Chagford Weir Pool. Fish can be as far up as Chagford by May but this is very dependent on water conditions. Wading is not necessary to cover these pools at night. When night fishing please exercise due caution. The Association strives to maintain the banks and work has been done at Drogo Pool and Fingle Pool in the last few years but please note that erosion continues and in some areas the banks have been undermined. It is strongly recommended that you walk the bank by day to look for potential hazards. In particular the upper part of Drogo Weir Pool has suffered from the spates in 2007 and extreme caution should be exercised here as the water is very deep close to the bank.

Lesley Bryant and 6lb Sea Trout

A 6 lb 10 oz sea trout for Lesley Bryant 

The size of fish on the river varies through the year. Few sea trout are caught before the end of April and fishing usually gets going with the arrival of May. Average weights of fish range from 2 lb to 4lb during May and June, when the catches start to increase. The size drops to 1 lb to 2 lb come late June through August but the numbers can increase as the school peal come in. Some larger fish make a reappearance later in the season with 5 lb fish in September, though some fish are becoming rather dark by then and frequently released. There was a 9 lb fish landed in 2007.

The UTFA does not have a mandatory limit for sea trout but at the 2014 AGM the following voluntary measures were approved. The LTFA has adopted the same voluntary measures:

  • All unharmed sea trout over 24 inches to be released.
  • A daily bag limit of two sea trout until 1 June.
  • A daily limit of four sea trout after 1 June.