Catch Returns

Complete and accurate catch returns for salmon/sea trout and for brown trout must be submitted by all UTFA members at the end of each season and not later than 31 October. Apart from providing Association records, these catch returns are essential for managing the fishery, especially in the case of brown trout stocking. In addition, we are required to provide catch records for riparian owners.

Catch returns should be sent to – David West, Meade House Flat, Moorhaven Village, Ivybridge, PL21 0HB   Email:

Catch returns forms are sent to each member at the beginning of each season but from time to time these are lost. Now you have the opportunity to print further copies from this web site. Just click below on whichever catch return you require.

Alternatively, if you have Microsoft Word installed you can download editable copies of the catch returns forms by clicking the relevant links below:

With the prevalence of catch-and-release, and the need to subject fish to as little stress as possible, details of all fish are now required by length and not weight. For a handy conversion table click where indicated below .